Welcome to Naruto: Next Generation - Rise from the Shadows

So far home of the most Original Naruto Based Characters

A place to post Original Characters and Your Stories.

Most of this sites founding posts are based in the many years after the Cannon story line ended.

For anything you might need to start making a OC Check this Blog here >> OC making help <<

Iam sorry to anyone who is considering posting here if your Character is

1. A Mary Sue in any Way, Shape, or Form.

2. A Self Placement into the Cannon Story.

3. A Child of a Cannon.

4. Any Character with a Yuri, Yaoi, or a M-Preg parent. (Iam not against Same Sex Relationships for OCs But IAM against Cannon Pairings that are illogical.)

5. For sanity sake assume all Tailed Beasts (And this includes made up ones like 11 Tail Tiger or Demonic Possesion of any type,) and thier Chakras have been returned to nature. So NO JINCHURIKI (Demon Hosts).

If you try ANY ONE of these I will delete it.

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